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Killian BassKillian Bass – Soul Reflections EP marks as the first release from Fantasia Recordings for the year 2011. Soul Reflections is the second release from the France based producer with our music label. Read More »
Maurice Giovannini“Indio EP” is a follow up release from the Italian DJ and Producer “Maurice Giovannini” who made his first impressions with the “Space Bug EP”. This release is no different and packs a much bigger punch. Read More »
Maurice Giovannini“Maurice Giovannini”, an Italian DJ and Producer make his digital release debut with Fantasia Recordings. Maurice has his main focus set towards the house music scene. Read More »
Synthetical“New Frontier EP” marks as the second release for Synthetical with three unique and original tech/progressive house tracks. This release is geared toward the listening perspective as well as the later hour club sets. Read More »
Francis“Francis” returns with another fantastic release titled “Gadget EP” with remixes from Synthetical and Diomid. This EP packs three original sounding energetic tracks full of sonic flavors with a sound that will keep the late night dance floors moving. Read More »
Killian BassThis release comes from the French based producer/dj Killian Bass. Killian is no stranger to the Dj scene. Took his first residency in 1999 in London and has been pushing for success ever since. Read More »
Uberphat“Creature of Habit EP” comes from another Chicago based producer “Uberphat”. Uberphat is no stranger to the underground electronic music scene. Read More »
Synthman PropheciesSynthman Prophecies, a great Chicago based electronic music producer and sound designer release his Psychadel/Trance Electornic music release title “Cumulus Current EP”. Read More »
FrancisFrancis makes his first release debut with “Stop in my mind”. Read More »
SyntheticalFantasia Recordings makes its first digital release debut with the track titled “Ionic Breeze” from the label co-founder Chris under the artist alias “Synthetical”. Read More »